About SJL French

Live the language, here !

Learning a new language is far more than vocabulary and grammar: it’s an amazing journey ! Discover new sounds, new words, new friends and a new confidence.
We have blended all the ingredients to provide a world-class environment in order to deliver a unique linguistical and cultural experience to you, all right here in Kuala Lumpur.
So, join us in our fun and highly interactive community today !


Our mission

SJL French exits to help individuals and corporate to learn French language and evolve in a French environment. We take a unique and innovative approach to teaching that focuses on the learners ability to interact in French at early stage. Through personalised and focused teaching process, the learners develop the necessary reflexes they need to perform in their environment with the language.
Our success depends on our capacity to understand your precise needs and truly help you to achieve your goal.

We don’t succeed unless you succeed !

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Making The French Connection – It’s Easier Than you Think.“It’s about conversing, not memorizing.” – Stéphane Lemarié.
Have you always wanted to speak the language of love?
Now, you can.
Because, it’s actually a lot easier than you think !

Mastering phonetics when learning a new language is essential and in line with Stéphane Lemarié’s philosophy – language is about conversing and not about memorizing. And so, Stéphane believes in a whole communicative way to learn the French language. His own approach is a new way of blending linguistic and phonetic and it will help you to learn the French language effortlessly.

french school
When France Fell in Love With Malaysia. Irrevocably French, born and bred, exuding the passion that the French are so famous for, engineering professional Stéphane stepped foot on Malaysian soil and fell in love. “I loved everything about this country, the culture, the food, the people and most of all your hospitality” he says. returning that same love, Stéphane is ready to share a simplified way of mastering his beloved mother tongue. So are you ready for your one on one in French?
Now, it’s time to Malaysia to fall in love with all things French.